Abbeville ( Le Parq.


Rental of boats or excusions in St. Valery-sur-Somme and in Berck sur Mer (

Canoe and kayak

Auxi le Château ( and in the Somme Bay.  (, or per kano/kayak through the many inland lakes of the Somme (


Cycling trips from Auxi le Château (circuits), individually or organised.


gliding, U.L.M.'s, deltaflying ... : Abbeville ( and in St. Omer : (


3 excellent golfcourses in teh vicinity: Abbeville at 25 km (www.golfinfrance) et Nampont at 20 km (, and in the sandunes of Fort-Mahon, at approx. 25 km(Golf de Belle Dune).


Auxi le Château: exploring the valley, or in Fort-Mahon: a ride in the environment of Le Val de Selle or Friville Escarbotin, gallopping by the sea along the beaches of Le Marquenterre is an unforgettable experience, bivouacking in the Bay with your horse under the starry night is magical .... (


Circuit Automobile de Croix-en-Ternois (www.circuitdecroix) in Abbeville ( and in Rue

Lake angling

Auxi le Château (trout), St. Georges.There is a rich variety of fresh water fish (under which carp and game fish) in the many fens of the Somme ..


there are many mountain bike trails for the more energetic visitor; just follow the ATB paths!


from sunset till dawn in St. Riquier.

Quad & 4x4

St. Georges.


at sea, (Fort Mahon Plage).


in Péronne (


a truly invigorating experience to crisscross in a sandyacht (in fact easy to manouvre) the vast fine sandy beaches at a speed of more than 60 km/hr, with the wind blowing into the sails. (Quend plage and Fort Mahon plage) and (


indoor swimmingpools in Frévent, Berck sur mer (site), Abbeville et Montreuil-sur-mer. On the coast (Fort-Mahon): Aquabad (Belle Dune)


Auxi le Château

Tree climbing ....

High up in the trees, 5 circuits await you in Quend plage.(


walking at your leisure in the neighbourhood of Auxi le Château (circuits), in the Somme Bay area ( or in the forests, and ( in the valleys of the Avre and the Authie ..... a particularly enjoyable geographic lesson.

Walking on the marshes

in St. Valery-sur-Somme accompanied by an experienced guide

Waterskiing/Jet ski