Somme Bay

         The Somme Bay is the largest estuary in Northern France. Its very wide opening towards the Channel, over 5 kilometres from north to south, offers, depending on the tides and seasons, remarkable landscapes where sky, land and sea melt into each other in subtle shades and lights. Hundreds of species of birds visit here during migrations, some for a few hours, others for a whole season; some live here all year round, like the Common shelduck, because here they find an abundant and varied supply of food on the shore, around the lakes and marshes, in the dunes and the salt meadows. The Somme Bay is constantly evolving and is a great place for walks. It includes approximately 1500 ha of grasslands and a sandy, marshy area, of which 3000 ha are a nature reserve. The site is an extraordinary place for observing not only the flora and bird-life in all their diversity, but also the seal colony that has made its home there. Whether on foot, horse-back or in a sea kayak, a guide will always been on hand to accompany you. We do not advise you to explore the Bay alone; local clubs will be able to provide you with a professional guide.